Why only an expert will do when it comes to generating new business

You’re considering bringing in the expertise of a top notch new business generation expert. But what IS the art of a new business generation consultant and why do you need one?

When you hire a new business consultant what exactly are you signing up for?

You know you need/are looking for new business and you know you don’t have the manpower or time to create it yourself or you would (that’s if you have the right skills and personality for it). After all, knowing your product or service inside out and having been working with those products or services since starting your business – and probably longer – doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at generating new business.

What successful new business consultants do is provide a service that is fully committed to identifying and finding the right kind of business for you.

This is a multi-faceted approach; not just cold calling (or direct contact), or mailings, or networking, advertising, or content generation but a number of different elements that are tailored to your specific business and its goals.

It may be a large number of activities, or it may be just a few, as I say it depends on what you’re looking to achieve, but the crucial factor is that it is totally tailored and completely focused.

When you hire a top notch new business consultant you hire an individual (or team depending on their capabilities and the contract) who will not only advise on the TYPE of new business activities required to build your business but will action them.

Be that the creation of a new business or even a marketing (depending on their skill set) strategy; undertaking direct or indirect lead generation; generating search engine optimised, attention grabbing content to drive inbound traffic to your website; planning and actioning media; creating marketing collateral – everything from a new, perfectly designed and technically superior website focused entirely on achieving your goals, through to the full range of digital marketing activities and even printed collateral; establishing and/or organising an event, exhibition or conference and even generating sponsorship/funding for your operation.

This may be what you expect from your new business consultant, but top drawer new business consultants go further.

Not only do they plan, and action agreed tasks but they BECOME your business. Promoting, advertising, discussing and even selling for you (again depending on the terms of your contract) at every given opportunity, in every scenario and at every level. Brand awareness is part of the job description.

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