Santa’s secrets of business success this Christmas.

Make sure that 2018 is a big year for all the right reasons


As we all know, Christmas is an opportunity for family time and to eat, drink, be merry to generally take your foot off the gas. But with an extended break this year (for most) it’s also an opportunity to take a little time out and plan to hit the ground running in the coming business year.


By the time Santa’s peak season has kicked in you should already have done all the financial necessaries but have you taken a step back and had a good, hard look at your business?


Where is it headed? What does it actually look like to prospective customers? Is it adhering to the company ethos? Does the Mission Statement still ring true? Are you marketing yourselves efficiently and identifying and targeting the right prospects for our business? Are you utilising all possible channels and filling up the infamous sales pipeline?


Without regular review, brand guidelines can slide, colours can fade, typefaces can slip and that ‘perfect’ presentation can start to look a little worse for wear. It’s the same with your business, without regular review you can find it heading off in the wrong direction and your pipeline drying up very quickly.


  • You can start with THOSE brand guidelines; check that you still look like you did when you last branded, that your colours match and that every piece of communication you issue is consistent, coherent and clear in relaying your offering. In short, make sure you present your company in the best light.
  • Check that you are servicing and satisfying your customer base as well as you possibly can, because if you’re not someone else will be.
  • Ensure that you are identifying and making contact with the right kind of potential customers for your business.
  • Make sure you are doing absolutely everything you can – budget allowing – to get your name out there. Technology is ever-changing and new channels are opening up all the time, make sure you are making the most of them. Do you even know what’s out there?


Once you’ve exhausted the Xmas festivities and lamented the effect they have had on your waistline, spare a thought for your poor neglected business and make sure that 2018 is a big year for all the RIGHT reasons.

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