No-nonsense, sense, for businesses seeking new customers.

You’re looking for new customers, but how do you find the right business development consultancy for YOUR business?

Do you opt for a specialist in your sector? A company specialising in one particular channel for customer generation? telemarketing perhaps? or an agency or consultancy that doesn’t discriminate; one that instead of concerning itself with what sector you are in or channel you might want to use, delivers – plain and simple.

Traditionally, new business development companies have pigeon-holed themselves into a particular channel; “We specialise in telemarketing” – ONLY, or “Never make another cold call – Automation is the way to generate new business”, “Online only”, “Offline only”…  or sector; “We deliver results for clients in the Marine sector” – ONLY. A bit like web-design agencies who specialise in a particular sector, ‘sector specialists’ have long had a reputation for    rehashing and for not benefiting from wider sectors experience.    

The bottom line is that if you want to find new customers, common sense would tell you that a strategy which looks for customers using every channel and medium – online and offline – and searching in every possible place you might find them is not just the best, but the obvious strategy to ensure the highest quality of leads and the best possible ROI.

If you’re an SME then the likelihood is you don’t have resource spare to go out and explore every possible channel and source of leads; after all finding new customers really is a full-time job, so you hire a consultancy that can do it all for you; one that will get under the skin of your business, work with you – as a partner – to drive down into the detail of your offerings, your specific USP’s, the ethos of your brand and what you feel is special and great about your business. A brilliant new business development partner will work with you, reporting at every stage of the process to mould and shape the campaign to ensure delivery above target.

Your brilliant new business development partner will also examine what channels you have used previously, and to what degree of success, before compiling a clear, concise new business generation proposal – within budget – which identifies specific targets and focuses on the specific channels and actions that will provide the highest return.

As part of the process of establishing your new business strategy, your brilliant new business development partner will also look at your internal delivery processes (providing additional resource if/where necessary) to ensure that every stage is set up to maximise the value of the leads generated. They will even tailor the flow of leads to your resource (after all what’s the point of leads you can’t follow up). Every single element is taken into consideration to ensure the leads generated provide the maximum return for your business.  

2019 – as will 2020 – sees us in the most competitive marketplace in history; but this is an era of maximum opportunity. The new business development consultancy of today can’t afford any restrictions on where to look for new business. It needs to cover all channels, all media, all places, platforms and possibilities.

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